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Overuse injuries
Overuse injuries are common, but rarely addressed with long term solutions.  C&G PT encourages empowering the patient to be able to maintain long term relief.  This comes from instructing the patient in modifications of sleeping positions, posture and sitting positions.  It is also important to adapt activities thoughout the day, not just the ones that are painful, to avoid increased stress on the inflammed tissues.  Our staff addresses the whole body and areas of weakness or inflexability that can be contributing to long term dysfunction.

Running Injuries
Stride length correction is key with all running injuries.  Whether you are suffering from plantarfascitis, ITB syndrome, hip bursitis, shin splints or tendonitis, altering your stride length is key to your long term recovery.  There is more to physical therapy than theraband exercises and massage to get you back to the races quickly.

Sports Injuries
From a recent sprain/strain to a recent surgery to repair a ruptured tendon we can treat your sports injuries.  We work with your physican to allow you a fast recovery and get you back to playing quickly.

DId you kn
ow that the way you sit can irritate your plantarfascitis?  So can the way you stand and walk.  80% of the treatment for plantarfascitis is determining what positions you are in that are over stretching the fascia and causing an increase in the inflammation.  Our treatment focuses not only on stretching and ultrasound but teaching you the rights and wrongs for plantarfascitis.  It doesn't mean you "can't do that anymore" but do it the right way for the right length of time and you will be back on your feet in no time.

Dance Injuries
Our staff therapist, Melissa Scheck is trained from Harkness Institute to treat dance specific injuries and look at more of the cause as they are dance related. Through analyzing dance technique, flexability, turnout and relevant range of motion for various dance forms, dance specific exercises are implemented to assist with decreasing pain and improving strength as it relates to dance.  Our clinic is equipped with rotational boards and a resisted SRF board specifically made for dance therapy.

Arthritic Conditions
Physical therapy has been proven an essential part of treatment for arthritis.  While the arthritic joint itself can not be changed, the focus of physical therapy is management of the disease.  There are several key factors to managing the disease including: education on more stable positions for the joints, stabilization exercises to improve joint stability, instruction in assistive devices if needed and self stretches to improve mobility.