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Foot orthotics are an amazing tool to assist with decreasing foot, ankle, knee, hip and low back pain.  Foot orthotics work by alter the alignment and placement of the foot to decrease stress on various joints that have compensated for poor footwear, joint imbalance, high arches, low arches, flat feet, rigid feet etc.  Foot orthotics are  normally used to reduce or eliminate foot, ankle and knee pain associated with running, walking and standing.  Many also report that their foot orthotics reduce hip and back  pain associated with these activities. 

            Foot orthotics are built to conform to the arches of your feet, but they differ from arch supports.  Arch supports cause the medical arch to become weight bearing, which is often uncomfortable.  An orthotic levels the base of support and distributes weight evenly across the underside of the foot.  An orthotic can only relieve pain associated with excessive foot pronation and/or leg rotation.  An orthotic does not directly eliminate inflammation or reverse joint degeneration.  An orthotic also does not correct training errors.

At C&G PT staff physical therapist and owner, Stan Guest, has been fabricating orthotics for over 20 years.  These orthotics are built from the ground up and not by standing on a machine or in a foam box which often alter foot mechanics and show an incorrect foot alignment.  Stan will work one on one with you to ensure that your orthotics are comfortable and not too painful to wear.