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Decrease Finger and Thumb Pain: Is your pinch OK?

Updated: Mar 20

The three jaw chuck, in which the tip of the thumb and the two adjacent fingers press together, maintains the best joint position for most functional activity. If done correctly, the thumb and index finger should form a perfect “O” as in the OK sign. Typically, hypermobility produces a failure at the base of the thumb(the CMC joint). This causes pain at the base of the thumb and inside of the wrist. Some may be able to read this and successfully work to regain the ability to properly position the thumb, and maintain this position, for pinch activity. Some may require the help of a Physical or Occupational Therapist and some may require a Thumb Spica splint to support the thumb in a correct position. Most resort to a lateral pinch which is strong and functional but places tremendous stress upon the knuckle of the index finger, the base of the thumb and the wrist. Can you maintain this position while writing? A foam pad around the pen is often helpful.

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