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Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Are you a Tin Man or a Scarecrow? If you are a Tin Man, strong and solid, you have little to fear, except for bending and touching the floor. Although stiff and inflexible, motion is lotion. The life of a Scarecrow is a bit more complicated. No one wants to go through life dependent upon a pole to stand upright. Scarecrows of the world, this Blog is for you.

As a Physical Therapy student, my Orthopedic studies were concentrated on the treatment of the Tin Man, hypomobility or stiffness of the joints and soft tissue. Hypermobility or looseness of the joints and soft tissue was only addressed in regards to bracing and assistive devices, a pole for the scarecrow.

I, Stan Guest PT, OCS, OMPT, was channeled toward a career in Physical Therapy by a high school running career filled with overuse injuries. My hopes of finding an answer to my dilemma were unfulfilled upon graduation and I therefore pursued study in kinesiology, movement of the body, to find my answers.

I now have over 35 years of experience with managing hypermobility and am blessed to work with Melissa Scheck, MPT, who shares this dedicated interest in working with hypermobility, primarily from a dancing perspective. We also personally live the day to day challenges presented by connective tissue disorders or hypermobility. These scarecrows suffer from joint pain, digestive issues, greater risk for injury and take longer to heal from an injury.

Scare crows of the world, stand tall and fear not the lions and tigers and bears of the world. Hypermobility is manageable and disability can be overcome. These beasts can be tamed. We look forward to sharing our experiences with you.

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