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Telehealth Appointments

Do you have any physical pain, soreness, or injuries? How do you get the care you need without putting yourself or others at risk during this time of social distancing?
Telehealth is how we are staying hands-on, without our hands!

In short, it’s how we are keeping our patients healthy and addressing their pain and injuries from the comfort of their own home with just a laptop that has camera/sound capabilities, and open space to move around. You may not be able to go to your PT, but your PT may be able to come virtually to you!  
A Few Words on Telehealth
Example Telehealth Visit
How it works:
As physical therapists, it is our job is to educate patients on how to do activities and exercises to bring about their independence at home. Using video calls we are able to teach you and monitor your performance for a variety of tasks and exercises to improve your condition. It's a whole new way to teach joint protection, ergonomics, and home exercises with you in the place that you will be performing them. 
It's easy to get started:
  • Call our office at (586) 978-7900 to set up a virtual appointment with Stan or Melissa.
  • We will need your email address to set up your telehealth appointment via your personal computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • You will get a confirmation email with the date and time, and a link to click before your appointment is scheduled to start.
For smart phones and tablets:
  • If you are using a smart phone or tablet, you will need to download the Jitsi App on Google Play or the App Store.
  • Open the app and prompts to enter basic personal information to set up your account.
  • You can use the app on Mac, PC, and every type of tablet or smart phone. We want to assure you this system is fully HIPAA compliant, like all electronic medical records, which means your data is completely secure.
It’s that simple. Call us with any questions!
*There are no extra fees to use this platform and the apps are free.  You can use it on Mac, PC, and every type of tablet and smartphone.
*Most insurances do cover these telehealth visits and our staff will verify to the best of our ability which fees you will be responsible for.
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