Why Do Patients & Physicians Choose CGPT?

Experts in Physical Therapy, CGPT has over 25 years of providing expert, hands on care, with proven results in:

  • Repeated success stories and long-term results

  • Caring, courteous, genuine, and professional staff

  • Effective, hands-on, one-on-one therapy AND exercise

  • Timely and thorough evaluation and progress reports

  • 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook, and patient surveys

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Physician Testimonials

Your Health is in Good Hands

"Clegg and Guest Physical Therapy is a cut above other physical therapy providers I have referred to. 100% of my patient feedback for their experience at Clegg and Guest PT is positive. Their staff and therapists give excellent care, and their outcomes are superior."

- James Clinton, D.O., F.A.C.P.

"I think Clegg & Guest Physical Therapy has the best physical therapists in the greater Metropolitan Detroit area.  They are conscientious and smart, and work in a great environment.  They are my top physical therapy choice to send my patients to."

 - Anthony P. Baron, M.D.

"I would like to offer my praise to Clegg and Guest.  Their service is exemplary.  My patients are always happy with their treatment and I have seen excellent clinical response, and would highly recommend them to anyone."

- Neil Alperin, M.D., D.D.S.

"I have known Stan and Dave for over 25 years.  I started suffering from back disease and sought physical therapy before and after my surgery.  I received excellent care and was successfully rehabilitated. These boys are the real deal. ......Their "hands on" approach is a rarity in this day and age, and their personalized care is what makes the difference. They create a program to fit your needs. I would highly recommend them to everyone who needs physical therapy.  They are a rare breed because they truly care."

- Angelo Stoyanovich, D.O., F.A.C.O.O.G.


Patient Testimonials

Achieving your goals together

 I came to C & G with multiple complaints after an (passenger) auto accident. I was in pain, troubled with vertigo and nausea, had issues in my neck (C3-C6), shoulder, jaw, and head. My range of motion was very minimal. Stan zeroed in on each area and issue. Deep tissue massage, manipulation, stretches, pressure points, manual traction, etc were used. He taught me postural corrections and stretches/exercises for at home. He set up "exercises" in the "gymnasium" that were successful in regaining balance and strength. This has been a totally positive experience, and I feel restored.​

- Diane S.

I have never met a group of people who are so professional, friendly, attentive, and go the extra mile to make their patients feel comfortable, and that they are important as a person, not just an "ailing body part". They cared for me as if I were their own family member! I was sad when my therapy was completed, but Happy with my outcome!

-Lee Collins

With the extensive implantation of my new ankle replacement, you are the third physical therapy organization I have been sent to. Your organization, by far, has been the most professional and helpful company that I have received physical therapy from. I want to acknowledge Melissa, my Physical Therapist, and your staff, as the most professional and knowledgeable people that I have encountered in my 13 month ordeal.

-Rebecca Kowalski

I have been going to Clegg & Guest

PT for 8 years! I ALWAYS return to them!

-Gerri Schmitz

"Stan, Melissa and staff are excellent! They are well organized, clean and make coming to therapy fun. My shoulder has improved so much since coming to C&G and I cannot thank them enough!​"

- Jenna Felice

"I can't say enough about Clegg and Guest. I had never had physical therapy before, and was referred for severe sciatica pain. I was very skeptical, not knowing what to expect. The pain was so bad I considered several times visiting the emergency room. I was unable to sleep, sit, lie down, even stand without pain. In fact, for the first time in 28 years I actually said that this pain was worse than childbirth! In less than three months, I am now virtually pain free - I'm astounded by my progress. I have recommended Clegg and Guest not only to several friends, but to my primary care physician in case they had patients who need PT. In addition to excellent care, every single member of the staff is welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable, and put me at ease. This was especially important to me since I had no idea what to expect. I just can't recommend Clegg and Guest enough... my experience there was stellar and I thank everyone for their role in my recovery!"

- Rose Zook

"Clegg & Guest Physical Therapy is the place to recover from my disabling condition. Everyone is genuinely caring and make you feel better just by being there.I have recommended them to many people as well as to my physician. As I recovered from my knee surgery, this was my "happy place"!"​

- Marie B.

"I went from feeling 80 years old to a young version of myself. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend CGPT to anyone.  I just highly recommended CGPT to my primary care doctor for all of his patients."​

- Norman B.

"You say you have been looking for a competent, caring, knowledgeable physical therapist? Someone who can get you back to your old self, or close to it? Bingo, I found a team that will come to your rescue: Clegg & Guest Physical Therapy on Schoenherr/15 Mile. I have had several experiences with PTs, some good, some bad, but THIS group is EXCEPTIONAL, beginning with the Owner/PT on. The patients work with a licensed PT every session. (By the way, sessions begin on time or close to it)! I have had a fractured ankle, as well as hip, and two knee replacements. I would never go any other place for rehab."

-Nancy E, retired teacher